Rodham, cowboy!

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is riding to the rescue of women overseas seeking guilt– not to mention pain and expense– free ways to discard unwanted babies. The women may be glad that she’s riding to the rescue, but the babies, when they see her coming, are acting like…well…how Bill acts when he sees her coming.

Hillary, speaking at a New York University forum to mark the 10th anniversary of the United Nations’ fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing (because when you think ‘human rights’, you think ‘Beijing’), criticized the Bush administration’s policy of withholding aid from overseas groups that perform abortions.

I don’t know what amount of money is involved in this funding that the Bush administration is withholding, but it would probably be cheaper for Clinton to propose having these women flown to Washington State or Barbara Boxer’s house. Either would be more than happy to help out.

Author: Doug Powers

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