Al-Qaeda would have eaten Crowe on this plot

Back in early 2001, there was a fear among government officials that the terror group Al-Qaeda was plotting to kidnap celebrities, specifically actors, Russell Crowe in particular, as part of a “cultural destabalization plan.”

If you take Crowe out of the equation, since he lives in Australia (all Al-Qaeda would have accomplished by whisking away Crowe would have been to protect photographers from getting the crap beat out of them in Queensland bars), you can tell terrorists know nothing of America’s concerns, values, morals, and political standpoint in this issue. “Cultural destabalization plan” by kidnapping American actors and actresses? Nothing would stabalize the culture more than taking away and putting a gag in the mouth of well over half of Hollywood.

By the way, a bit of trivia here– When word hit that a terrorist group was planning to kidnap actors, two-thirds of the waiters in L.A. bistros didn’t show up for work the next day.

Author: Doug Powers

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