The Sunday not-so-funnies

Here’s a list of some of the wackiest taxes in America. One that isn’t listed was my personal favorite. When I lived in Lansing, Michigan, there was a proposed “rain tax”. The city sent out the first “rain tax” bill, and mine was about a hundred bucks.

I appreciated the one-time annual charge instead of them sending out a bill every time it rained. How thoughtful of them. This was one tax that made the entire town pray for drought not seen since The Grapes of Wrath.

Anyway, I didn’t pay it. I got friendly “reminder” later. Then another, which “reminded” me that I was late and now owed $50 more than before. I never paid. The tax was later repealed on legal grounds.

It’s the only time I feel like I beat the government at anything… if you don’t count the time I wrote off a steak and seafood dinner as a “medical expense” and **it went through.

(**Note to IRS– Just kidding… no, really, put the gun away… seriously, it was a joke!)

Author: Doug Powers

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