Monday's column up at WorldNetDaily, and other stuff to start the week

This week’s topic didn’t offer much of an opportunity for any of the usual wise cracks. It’s about Brian Nichols, the defendant in a rape trial who was being led into court, took an officer’s gun, and shot the judge and others.

He wasn’t handcuffed because apparently they don’t do that so as to not bias the jury. As a result, Nichols’ next jury will be really biased– cuffs or not. Forget that the jury wasn’t even seated in court. How much of this politically correct tripe.. not to mention how many dead people… will it take before some of this PC ridiculousness is put to an end? Give a read to “PC: From bad joke to tragic tale“.


Other reminders…
The previous couple of week’s columns include my prediction that Dan Rather will soon join up with CNN, and, following up on the Academy Awards, we have the First Annual Bologna Awards… Oscars for fakes, kooks, and liars.
I’m still working on a new website, admittedly not very dilligently, but my old one is still online here.
Bend over and grab your ankles…it’s tax time. Here’s a column I wrote for the Lansing State Journal about the hilarity of it all, called “This time of year can be really tax-ing on your sanity“.
And now, on the lighter side, rumor has it that George Will is going to publish a book of children’s stories.

Author: Doug Powers

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