Compared to the federal government, the leaky “Big Dig” only provides a drop in the bucket

Boston’s made a sequel to “Waterworld”, almost literally. The $14.6 billion tunnel project is on the verge of colossal failure . Massachusetts turnpike chairman has said that he can’t vouch for the safety of the tunnels. Governor Romney didn’t call the tunnels unsafe, and said he’ll continue to drive through them– In SCUBA gear, but through them nonetheless.

What’s the difference between the “Big Dig” and any other big government project? The water. The “Big Dig”, minus the water, would still be a failure, but nobody would notice as much because there wouldn’t be the reminder eerily dripping through the walls.

Take any government program, such as Social Security, and pretend it’s a tunnel under a river. Then, substitute water for accountability, common sense, reason, and fiscal prudence. Nobody in their right mind would drive through the thing.

Take away the water though, and nobody notices the incompetence… until the very structure collapses.

The truth is, most government programs are “Big Digs” on a scale that makes the “Big Dig” look more like a “modest scoop”.

Author: Doug Powers

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