In a weird way, I’m Fonda that woman

Jane Fonda’s book is due out next month. It’s called “My life so far“. One thing I hope warrants an explanation is how a staunch feminist ended up in a position where her grandkids could go into the backyard and play balloon toss with her old breast implants. This has provided a consistent chuckle to many over the years.

Jane wielding fake ta-ta’s while promoting feminism is sort of like Jesse Jackson financing the Rainbow Coalition with the money he makes mowing David Duke’s lawn.

In addition, word is that Jane’s getting a new hip. It’s been bugging her ever since twisting it while climbing on a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun– That stuff’s notoriously tricky to negotiate.

My guess is that Fonda’s tell-all book “My life so far” hits the New York Times bestseller list within an hour of its release. Not necessarily because thousands of Americans will rush to buy the book, but because Ted Turner’s trunk will be loaded with them during the drive to the bonfire.

Author: Doug Powers

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