Monday means there’s a column to plug

My columns often, if not always, spawn from something I’ve posted on this page during the course of the week. This week’s column is no different.

If you haven’t already, give “What would Terri want? Certainly not a cheating husband” a read. It isn’t so much a criticism of Michael Schiavo (since he’s pretty much covered by many others in that department) as it is the ironic observation of his “concern” over what “Terri would want”. You’ll notice that Michael Schiavo’s view of “what Terri would want” forgets to ask a few key questions.


Some quick updates:

Early this morning, President Bush signed legislation passed so as to allow Terri Schiavo’s parents to ask a federal judge to have her feeding tube re-inserted.

Get this from Jim Davis, Florida Democrat, and one who was against the bill:

“Today, congressional leaders are trying to appoint Congress as a judge and jury. If we do not draw the line in the sand today, there is no limit to what democratic principles this Congress will ignore or what liberties they may trample on next.”

All I can say to this statement is… Ahahahaha! A Democrat decides that the federal government has no right to get nosey in the personal lives of Americans? The fact that so many Democrats pick this one time, when an American is about to starve and dehydrate to death against the wishes of her parents, to care about our “liberties” is laughable, and reaffirms my opinion of them.

Most politicians, and virtually all Democrats, spend so much time with their snouts digging so deep into our pockets that it tickles, and now they don’t want to butt in? Besides, I thought the Democrats were the party with a monopoly on “compassion” for the disabled, not to mention women’s issues, the homeless, minorities, etc.

We’ve seen it all now.

Author: Doug Powers

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