Somebody run to the store and get some tinfoil… we got us some hats to make!

A self-confessed US military intelligence operative, code named “Grillfire”, claims the government knew about 9/11 a full 25 years before it happened. In 1976, Grillfire (which is also my code name during BBQ season) says he took part in studies, using the World Trade Centers as models, for consideration of what would happen if terrorists planned to hit the buildings with hijacked planes.

The report was submitted to congress, and nothing was done about it, according to Grillfire.

Look at his picture at the bottom of his story explaining his saga, and some questions may be answered. The “Woodstock: 1969” shirt combined with his story gives away one extraordinary secret: Grillfire ingested the feared “brown acid.”

Much to Grillfire’s frustration, he was ignored by the blind masses. Just like earlier in his career, when he warned of an impending attack on the Empire State Building. Nobody listened to Grillfire, and a mere few weeks later, the unthinkable happened:

Author: Doug Powers

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