Anybody got a big eagle costume?

U.S. District Judge James Whittemore, the same guy who sentenced Terri Schiavo to death by dehydration for nothing more than having an bunghole for a husband, once fined a guy $90,000 for violating the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act.

A man, named Mylon Stockton, attempted to cut down a tree on his property that had an eagle’s nest in it, prompting the legal trouble and, ultimately, a big fine from the caring Judge Whittemore.

This took place in 2002, way before Stockton would have ever thought to tell Judge Whittemore that he only did what he did because he had a chat with the eagle’s spouse and cutting down the tree was “what the eagle would have wanted.”

This is an unfortunate trend in society today. The lives of animals are scrutinized with greater compassion that the lives of humans, not to mention the judicial impunity toward those who do humans harm, offset by their appalling contempt for those who even accidentally “displace” an animal.

Terri Schiavo has the misfortune of not having feathers. If she did, Judge Whittemore would have fined her husband and put the feeding tube back in.

Why do some people among us seem to value the lives of eagles and other animals more than humans?

As near as I can figure it could be subconscious contempt for humanity. Perhaps people like Judge Whittemore can’t help but recall, as they pen their rulings, that they have never been stuck in a traffic jam caused by eagles, received a tax bill on their summer home from an eagle, gotten stuck sitting next to an eagle on the plane who won’t stop talking, or had an eagle call them at dinner time to try to sell them insurance.

Birds of a feather…

Author: Doug Powers

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