Install a FOXBlocker on your TV, and ensure that you’ll receive nothing but liberal bias

A device called the “FOXBlocker” is now on the market, which, when installed on your television, simply blocks the FOX News Channel from appearing on your screen. Had I invented it, I would have called it “the Dhuehickey”, but that’s neither here nor there.

The inventor of the Fox Blocker admits that anybody can simply avoid watching FOX News and their, as he described it, “right wing propaganda” by simply not watching it. That aside, the Fox Blocker is a symbolic way to show that you refuse to allow anything but liberal bias in your home.

The device only costs $8.95, and the creators, on the “about us” page, say they’ll share all profits with “progressive organizations concerned with taking our country back from the gang of thieves, liars and war profiteers that are currently running the show.”

If you purchase the device to show that you loathe FOX News, the company will send a letter to FOX News’ top ten advertisors, telling them that… well… that you probably never were watching in the first place. This has the practical impact of Salman Rushdie threatening the Iranian Board of Tourism that Teheran had better pull their act together or else he’ll never visit again.

I don’t know much about “progressives”, since I guess I’d have to be “progressive” to do that, but they certainly do seem to have a very poor sense of how the world of business, finance, advertising, and media really works. Perhaps it’s because they’ve progressed so far ahead, they’ve left logic in the dust.

“Progressives” often display a business acumen fraught with contradictions and nonsensical presuppositions, self-imposing a frustrating Catch-22… like Captain Hook with a hemmerhoid flare-up or a lactose intolerant cow.

Examples of this would be creators of the FOXBlocker thinking FOX advertisers will be threatened by boycott threats from people who aren’t seeing their ads on a station their television can’t receive– And if the FOXBlocker people do see the ads, they’re admitting that either they don’t use their own product or it doesn’t work.

Another example of poor “progressive” business acumen is pro-abortion feminist groups who aggressively seek new members but support the killing of potential recruits before they’re even born– Kind of like if the YMCA brought in a hundred people hoping to sign them to a membership, and then tied bricks to half of them before they got in the pool.

Not only are the FOXBlocker people facing quite the uphill battle, but it also looks like they have some major competition.

A quick glance at the latest cable news ratings and it would appear that far more people have installed similar devices to get rid of CNN, MSNBC, and CNBC (which I’ll call “CNN-Away”, “MSNBC-Be-Gone”, and “I-Don’t-C-NBC”) than have installed the FOXBlocker.

I personally have no desire to block FOX’s foxes.

Author: Doug Powers

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