The surreal World… Bank

Irish rock musician, anti-poverty campaigner, and “Live Aid” organizer, Bob Geldof, called the World Bank selection process “preposterous”. Paul Wolfowitz, one of Bush’s “hawks”, will most likely head the organization.

Geldhof said he was prepared to work with Wolfowitz. U2’s Bono has already spoken with Geldhof and Wolfowitz regarding how to tackle poverty. Meanwhile, Cameron Diaz and Brad Pitt are also involved.

Once Wolfowitz gets the thumbs-up from Richard Gere, everything is a go. Gere’s in Japan urging the European Union to reconsider lifting an arms embargo against China, and promoting his movie “Shall We Dance?” Not necessarily in that order.

Global politics these days should be narrated by Rod Serling.

While Gere’s out of the country, the Hollywood constitutional line of authority requires that Martin Sheen possesses full power to offer unwanted political opinions. Should something happen to Sheen, Barbra Streisand would raise one hand, place the other on a copy of the Screen Actors Guild handbook, and be sworn in by Ed Asner and the new Wingnut-in-Chief.

Author: Doug Powers

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