New Yankee stadium site sure to be a big disappointment for Alec Baldwin

The Yankees and others are near a deal that would build a new stadium for the team near where the stadium is currently located in the Bronx.

I remember a while back when actor, activist, and inspiration for the “People for the Ethical Treatment of Alec Baldwin” organization, who happens to be Alec Baldwin, wanted the team to build the new stadium at ground zero where the World Trade Centers once stood. Baldwin made the proposal late in 2002. Here’s the actual proposal, signed by Alec.

I knew right away that George Steinbrenner wouldn’t consider that idea. Not because of the location, but because Baldwin thought of it. Steinbrenner wouldn’t want his team playing in a stadium that would come to be known as “The house that Thorazine built.”

Baldwin does have one thing right: The Yankees need a new stadium. The team’s current home is falling apart. The disrepair of Yankee Stadium made headlines in 1998, as a 500-pound steel joint fell from the upper deck – apparently right onto Baldwin’s head. The place is falling apart, and it’s time to move on before the stadium becomes the “Michael Jackson’s face” of ballparks. The location of the new one, however, will not be at “ground zero” in Manhattan.

Sorry, Alec.

Author: Doug Powers

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