"Four score and seven queers ago" — Historians preoccupied with sex claim Lincoln was gay

Maybe the stovepipe hat should have been a dead giveaway.

During a conference in conjunction with the opening of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, two historians defended a book which claims that the nation’s 16th president was homosexual.

The author of “The Intimate World of Abraham Lincoln“, C.A. Tripp, died before the book was published, but his claims of Lincoln’s homosexuality were defended at the conference.

Here’s a quote from the article:

“I could build a Lincoln Log cabin of homophobic denial,” said Civil War historian Michael Chesson. “There’s been a cover-up, a conspiracy of silence for experts to hide what they regard as dirty linen in Abe’s faded carpetbag.”

Why do I feel like I need a shower after reading that?

It’s always fun to watch historians, sociologists and others pick famous names from history and then go searching to find any clues that they may have been gay. It’s like “Where’s Waldo” but with throw pillows and show tunes.

Part of the “investigation” of the book’s author was to examine Lincoln’s poetry. Interpretations of different forms of art vary wildly, so I remain skeptical– Unless of course Lincoln had a poem that was a dead giveaway– something like this:

Autumn leaves turn colors
Forget this beauty I shant
Long walks hand-in-hand
An evening with General Grant

Or maybe a Haiku…
Horses gallop by
Nature’s majesty disturbed
Seward’s pants back on

Author: Doug Powers

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