Hillary gets Dick'd again

Pardon the subject line, and I hope a tiny bit of vomit didn’t sneak out your nose when you read it, but Dick Morris has a good column today about the mess that Hillary Clinton is in because of her campaign aide David Rosen’s fundraising techniques.

What did Hillary know? Probably everything, but in typical Clinton fashion, everybody else is taking the fall. It would appear, however, that the Clintons are running out of people to absorb all the heat. The Clintons have had so many ‘fall guys’ that they’re a favorite destination for base jumpers. Morris explains why, this time, Rosen may not want to bite the bullet for Hillary.

Rosen was tape recorded by Ray Reggie, who coincidentally is the brother of Ted Kennedy’s current wife. Oh yes, Reggie is also an FBI informant (FBI codename: “Pantload-in-law”).

Author: Doug Powers

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