Jimmy Carter, aka "The Stagflator", has another recommendation– And I hope it has something to do with getting Amy to start using makeup

Former President Carter has called for the United States to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

In typical wimp fashion, Carter responds to accusations of abuses at Gitmo, most of which have been proven false, by thinking that people overseas will like us more if we just close the place.

I have a different theory. My guess is that Carter has ulterior motives. He probably wants to level the place so he can build a little retirement love nest in Cuba– For he and Castro. Shhhh… don’t tell Rosalyn.

There’s a column I wrote two or three years ago, covering Carter’s buddy-buddy visit with Castro called “An American Werewolf in Cuba” that I think sums up the relationship pretty well.

Author: Doug Powers

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