New York to return $44 million in 9/11 aid to Uncle Sam?

From the AP:

A congressional inquiry has found New York failed to follow instructions from Congress on the spending of $44 million in Sept. 11 aid and should give the money back or get lawmakers to pass a law allowing the expenditure.

They want New York City to return $44 million? The Miami Dolphins will have better luck getting Ricky Williams to return the $8 million signing bonus than Uncle Sam will have getting that much scratch back from The Big Apple. (Here’s an article about Williams‘ problems, appropriately enough from “High Times” magazine)

So, New York got instructions from the U.S. Congress as to how to spend the money? There certainly won’t be any left now. Here’s how I imagine the budget as set forth by Washington DC:

To: New York City
From: Uncle Sam
Re: 9/11 compensation

$11.5 million to be split evenly among 9/11 victims (At 40%, we’ll get back $4.6 million of that by next April 15th).

$22.5 million for construction of the “Chuck Schumer and Hillary Rodham Clinton Center for 9/11 Aid Distribution”

$9.5 million to build anything anywhere with Robert Byrd’s name on it

$.5 million for lifetime season passes to any Broadway musical for Barney Frank

Author: Doug Powers

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