Reaching into the emailbag

This week, my “in” box filled up like the cast of Cagney & Lacy’s reunion show wrap party at Old Country Buffet.

Michael writes concerning my column “Armed Robe-ery” and the Supreme Court ruling stripping private property rights:

The Supreme Court actually did us a favor, by EMPOWERING the STATES themselves, power the states always had, but never really BROADCAST. The way this country was originally designed was for SMALL power to the FEDERAL government, and BIG power to the STATES. The Court simply reinforced that idea once again. Hopefully, some people will be smart enough to see that, and use it toward other things that will be FOR the people.

Here’s part of my response: I’m sure that analysis of the ruling will continue by people brighter than I, but even if you’re correct, then the fact that my house was taken from me by the state government rather than the federal government would be of little consolation to me.

Curt and/or Wanda said…

Dear Doug , You must run for office, I would support and garner support for whatever office you chose.

Thanks, but it’d never happen. I’m honest, have read the Constitution, never cheated on my wife, never killed anybody, never been in the KKK, never been a slimeball trial attorney, and don’t crave power. That job would fit me like spandex pants on Michael Moore. Plus, I’m not sure if my campaign slogan of “Building a bridge to the 18th century when government knew its place” would fly these days.

Marvanna said while grabbing a pitchfork…

The Supreme Court needs a cleaning out just like the halls of Congress. Where are they leading us, to a socialist society? It’s a scary future with our rights being peeled away every day with that crowd. Unfortunately, they don’t live by the rules they force on us. They live in another world (their own)! What this country needs is a revolution to take back our country and God-given rights. NOW!

Hey, I agree, which is the real reason I’d never run for office now– a fear reliving Mussolini’s last day. Hanging from a lamp post with Marvanna beating me with a hunk of pipe isn’t my idea of noble public service.

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