John Edwards calls for higher minimum wage for Michigan workers, and if that doesn’t help, sue somebody

Have you ever been an ambulance driver and gotten the feeling you were being followed? Many of them in Lansing, Michigan felt that way yesterday as former VP candidate John Edwards was in town to call for Michigan to raise its minimum wage.

Living a scant few miles upwind from the site of Edwards’ speech, I caught the smell of weasel in the air immediately. Edwards, who narrowly lost the “best hair” award among the Democrat presidential candidates to John Kerry, wants Michigan to raise the minimum wage from $5.15 to $7.15.

Edwards called Michigan’s minimum wage “a national embarrassment.” If it is indeed a “national embarrassment,” it’s on the list below a slithering trial attorney from another state coming here and telling us what to do, the Kerry campaign, Dick Durbin and Ted Kennedy, and genital herpes.

During his speech, Edwards asked the crowd to scream “yes” if they demanded a higher minimum wage, and/or if they’ve ever suffered a neck injury from a passenger-side airbag.

From the article:

Edwards and other speakers at the Capitol rally, including Michigan AFL-CIO President Mark Gaffney, said a higher minimum wage would improve the state’s
economy because families would spend more once they had larger paychecks.

Wow, are John Edwards and company talking about “trickle-down economics”? Somewhere, Ronald Reagan is laughing so hard that jelly beans are coming out his nose.

The problem is that “trickle-down” can’t be forced. Not outlined for convenient reasons is how many jobs will be lost if the minimum wage is raised. Sure families will spend more if they have larger paychecks, but how much will they spend with no paycheck. Some guy somewhere will go from making a couple hundred bucks a week, to nothing, all because some Democrats “helped” him.

Some of these people really need to read “Econ for Kidz.”

Author: Doug Powers

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