Denver Post editorial calls for sacking of Ward Churchill, the world’s most violent sounding peace activist

University of Colorado alleged “professor” Ward Churchill, has gone too far, according to the Denver Post, and should be let go for his most recent comments.

This time, Churchill, who is often inaccurately described as a “conscientious objector”, has said that military officers should be “fragged”, which basically means that their own troops should give them a hand grenade enema. These pro-peace types can get pretty violent, can’t they?

Not long ago, Churchill quit his department Chair job but kept his teaching position after calling people who died in the World Trade Centers “Little Eichmanns”, and he’s still making us ask question of ourselves– usually that question is, “exactly how crazy is Ward Churchill?”

The way Churchill is reported by some in the media is comical at best. He’s often described as a “peace activist”, “antiwar prof.”, or “conscientious objector.” He’s none of those… he’s a verbal combatant for the enemy. Period. Churchill’s a greasy version of Tokyo Rose, except instead of talking to our soldiers via radio, he’s talking to our students via classroom– and you and I are paying him to do it. Tokyo Rose said what she said, but at least the U.S. didn’t buy her microphone for her.

With all the false talk concerning the “inhumanity” going on at Gitmo, George W. Bush should at least have the guts to admit that the Guantanamo Bay prison has failed big time in one area: Ward Churchill isn’t there.

Churchill has his defenders, though, like these people, the fine folks at the “Maoist Internationalist Movement.” The MIM, a group that thinks it’s cool to appreciate the man who brought the world “The Great Leap Forward, which, like most planned “leaps forward” by dictators, involved, for many, stepping up and into a six-foot hole, say, in part:

At the request of the Colorado governor, the University of Colorado is considering firing him as a tenured professor for a speech he made about 9/11. This is a legalized lynch mob and a bureaucratic witch-hunt — a throwback to the United States era of bigotry and repression.

We call on all freedom loving people in this country to defend our civil liberties now under attack from the racists and neo-fascists disguised under the cloak of “defending freedom and democracy” and using “9/11” as mantle of authority. Defend Ward Churchill!

The mistake is often made that “freedom” means that taxpayers have to continue to pay pinheads like this Churchill doofus to be completely wrong.

People who actually believe this to be the definition of “freedom and democracy” were, no doubt, instructed by the likes of Ward Churchill while they were in college

Author: Doug Powers

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