Monday's column: Bringing capitalism to Africa doesn't involve Madonna singing "Like a Prayer"

The Live8 concerts, which are trying to convince G8 countries to devote a greater percentage of their GNP to African aid, concluded Saturday afternoon. The first thing I noticed from post performance interviews was that a lot of starving egos seemed to have been fed, but was anything else accomplished? Read my attempt to answer that question, along with what Africa really needs, here.

By the way, I’ve heard from a couple of people concerning the opening line about Oprah believing that she’s a Zulu. Some thought that was a joke. It wasn’t.

It was a joke, however, to Zulu leader Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi, who has basically replied to Oprah’s “I’m a Zulu” by saying “No you’re not!”

Seems like the Prince would have held off on breaking this news to Oprah at least until after she built a new multi-million dollar Zulu Rec Center or something like that.

Author: Doug Powers

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