Capitalism: The ultimate charity

The Live8 concerts have brought the topic of capitalism to the forefront. The participants in the concerts haven’t brought up the topic, but others, correctly, have pointed out that the real answer to the problems of many African nations is capitalism.

Many feel that capitalism is greedy, mean, and stomps on the heads of the less fortunate. In fact, capitalism is most compassionate. How?

There is an inherent beauty in capitalism that many Live8 performers and others fail to grasp: In a capitalist system, people help others even if they don’t want to.

Capitalism is charitable. What does that mean? Well, when an economically astute, charitably aware consumer purchases, say, a microwave oven, he may say to himself, “This is $400 that the manufacturer and the store will use to pay people, which will keep them fed and housed, and they’ll put that money back into the economy, which people perhaps give to their churches and other charities, and the same cycle will repeat itself.”

If that same purchaser has absolutely no interest in helping anyone, guess what? The same thing happens.

Author: Doug Powers

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