Does Harry Reid want a new job? If so, I know a McDonalds with an opening he’s underqualified for

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid has some advice for the president concerning the opening on the Supreme Court: “Pick a moderate, and preferably one from the senate.” Gee Harry, why not just come right out and finish that sentence? – “…who’s from Nevada and looks like an undertaker.”

Maybe Reid is lobbying for the gig. He’s a failure at what he’s doing now, but sounds as if Harry has realized that the next Supreme Court judge isn’t going to be him:

“I know that I won’t get someone who I will jump up and down and cheer for,” Reid told a group of employees at the Reno Gazette-Journal.

Hopefully, that statement also goes for Ted Kennedy, because that means two things would be shattered that day: The hearts of conservatives, and floor joists in the senate office building.

On a side note, Reid’s biography says the following: “It isn’t unusual for him to be the first Senator of either party to arrive at the Capitol in the morning and the last to go home at night.”

So that means he really, really enjoys figuring out ways to ram more taxes down our throats, or he can’t stand his family. But wait…

After we learn that he spends countless hours in the office, the bio says that “his family is his first priority” (this must be a politician’s way of saying that all his correspondence with them is done by “priority mail”). So, it must be that he really, really enjoys figuring out ways to ram more taxes down our throats. Hey, everybody has to have a hobby.

Author: Doug Powers

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