Clinton, Schumer call London bombings a "wakeup call" – admit to have been sleeping up to now

This is almost surreal, but at the same time, not surprising. Charles Schumer and Hillary Clinton said the London bombing was “a wakeup call.” Exactly how loud do these two stooges need to set their alarm clock in order to jostle them to consciousness in the morning?

First WTC bombing? Fast asleep.

9/11? Snooze.

Madrid? Snore.

Israel? Deep breath, rollover.

Moscow? Zzzz.

London. ::snort:: “Hey, did you hear something?”

These pinheads remind me of a Saturday Night Live skit, which was a “Behind the Music” segment about the Fat Albert gang. Said Fat Albert, concerning his health, “The seventh and eighth heart attacks were bad… but the ninth was a real wakeup call!”

One quick note. These computer programs are brighter than you think. When I just spell-checked this post, it highlighted “Schumer” as unrecognizable, and offered “Schemer” as a suggested replacement.

Author: Doug Powers

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