UK man hacks into US Defense sites, proves two things: 1) US govt. sites poorly secured, and 2) he’s a total nerd

Get the tinfoil hat off the rack! Gary McKinnon thinks that the U.S. Defense Department is covering up the existence of UFO’s. So, McKinnon hacked into the Defense Department computers to prove his case.

Nerds with computer experience are a dime per dozen pocket protectors, but this case does highlight a major problem for the United States: With the exception of military, the federal government is always, and I mean always, technologically behind regular geeks, and, unfortunately, probably terrorists.

As I say in my forthcoming book (shameless plug alert), “Because that’s the way God decided to do it!”, which will be out in a few weeks:

“With the exception of the military, the government is traditionally a couple of decades behind the technological curve. It isn’t that the government doesn’t want to catch up, it’s that they can’t. The federal government is trying to win a potato sack race with thousands of people in the same bag. The attractive feature of monstrous bureaucracy has always been that it corners like an aircraft carrier in dry-dock, making it fairly easy for the fleet-afoot masses to out maneuver.”

That is not an attractive feature when it comes to national defense, however, and something needs to be done. When this guy can break in, there’s a problem:

McKinnon in a photo apparently taken during the alien anal probe

Author: Doug Powers

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