Another satisfied customer

From Jami, re: “Is Hillary aborting her principles?”:

your nasty, baseless attacks are the exact mistake bush haters made that put him in the white house twice. if you want to call her a chimp, please do. you’re grossing out decent americans. hope you’re having fun at it.

I thought the Supreme Court put Bush in the White House the first time? You guys need to get your stories straight.

I do appreciate your concern for my enjoyment of leisure activities, but nonetheless I must disagree and say, no, it’s not the same mistake the Bush haters made. It’s not what put Bush in the White House, either. Democrat politicians with an empty keg of discredited ideas are why Bush is where he is, and why there’s a Republican majority in congress, however much they keep trying to give it away.

Besides, how is “Hillary is pro-abortion” a baseless attack? It’s got plenty of “base,” and it’s not an attack. It’s something called “the truth,” which Democrat candidates can’t and won’t grasp, and people have caught on.

Quick update at 10 p.m. Monday

Hillary always snugs up the undies of the great folks at Free Republic. The column has been posted there, and a bunch of people are trying to answer what was meant as a laughable rhetorical question, “Is Hillary aborting her principles?”

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