Shameless plug Monday: Is Hillary Clinton aborting her principles?

Today’s column over at WorldNetDaily is about what will be the political topic leading right up to the first Tuesday in November of 2008: Hillary Clinton.

Hillary, the most viable alternative to “thinking about baseball,” for many, many men, made some waves recently when she called abortion a “sad, even tragic choice.” Liberals gasped, conservatives rolled their eyes.

Is Hillary really moving toward pro-life, or doing her usual political version of the orgasm scene in “When Harry Met Sally” and faking it as usual?

Give a read to “Hillary Clinton: Is she aborting her principles?”

As an addendum, do you find it hysterically funny when Hillary says she wants both sides to find “common ground” on the abortion issue? What’s that mean?

What is the “common ground” between living and dead? Coma? Voting for Hillary? … Sorry for the redundancy.


Author: Doug Powers

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