John McCain gets something off his chest to Jay Leno after Drudge put him on the rack

When Arizona Senator John McCain appeared on The Tonight Show last night, Jay Leno asked him about his cameo appearance in the movie “The Wedding Crashers.” This has made news because, in part, because Matt Drudge had been posting headlines such as “McCain stars in boob raunch fest.”

The overstatement wasn’t shocking. I like Drudge’s site, but reading “Hellstorm approaches!” every time a rain cloud enters Florida airspace means that the McCain headline was probably overstated a bit as well.

McCain, in a well-played response, told Leno, “In Washington, I work with boobs every day.” A few dicks, too, no doubt.

So, McCain’s facing boobs every day? That would explain why he enjoys staying smack dab in the middle.

Author: Doug Powers

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