Saddam Hussein complains about lack of access to lawyer, becoming quickly westernized

Isn’t it funny how even the most oppressive and anti-human rights dictators can become quickly westernized under the right circumstances?

Take Saddam Hussein for example. The man who had more body doubles than Cher at a “La Cage Aux Folle” film festival in San Francisco’s Castro District and whose taste in decor was so decadent and gaudy that his choice of interior design reminds one of an Arkansas hillbilly who just won the Powerball Lotto is complaining that he is being denied regular access to his attorney.

Hey, Saddam’s only asking for the same rights and privileges that he extended to all the citizens of the country he ran, right? No, wait, that’s what is happening there now that he’s gone.

Funny how the threat of hanging can turn even the harshest dictator into a fan of a democratic legal system. If Hussein makes it out of this one alive, he’ll probably be getting short on cash, so look for him really start getting the hang of the American legal system by suing big tobacco.

Hey, on a side note, Saddam’s kind of starting to look like James Lipton, isn’t he?

“Students, please give a warm welcome to the man you might know best as ‘The Butcher of Baghdad’ in ‘The Apple Dumpling Dictator Rides Again’…”

Author: Doug Powers

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