Quick note from the upper Michigan hinterlands

As mentioned earlier, I have a column in the Sunday edition of the Honolulu Advertiser. It’s on why financial spendature for space exploration isn’t a waste of money that could “be better spent here on earth.” Here it is.

I’m on a weak dial-up connection, powered by a little dog running on a wheel just outside the window, so I’ll make it quick and try to post in the morning. That’ll be when Monday’s WorldNetDaily column is up, which takes today’s column extend it into the world of the private sector.

Should the budget for NASA be offered as incentive money instead to entrepreneurs and other private firms? Would we be much further along without all the oppressive PC inherent in any program overseen by the government?

Tomorrow it’ll be discussed at WND… some tongue-in-cheek, some serious. You’re smart enough to figure out which is which.

Author: Doug Powers

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