Katrina and the knaves

Look at this picture of upper New Orleans as it meets Lake Pontchartrain. Then multiply that by who knows how much, and the scope of the problem is almost unimaginable. Couple that with people looting things like televisions despite the fact that there’s no power not to mention the fact that most TV’s aren’t waterproofed very well, and things are getting out of control.

Some of the most disturbing news, however, is coming from people physically unconnected from the disaster.

First off, this morning, a morning radio host read an email she got from a man written to Michigan Governor Granholm, who suggested that FEMA should fund the fixing up of some of the 12,000 abandoned homes in Detroit and use them to house those left homeless by the hurricane.

Picture it… you’re sitting in a relief center somewhere, having lost everything, and somebody comes up and says to you, “we’re sending you to Detroit.” If you’ve never had the privilege of visiting the Detroit neighborhoods where these particular homes are, I assure you, you would not consider this a good idea. Why leave one destroyed area for another that looks just like it?

I mentioned in the previous post the intellectually pestilent Robert Kennedy Jr.’s blog post called “For They That Sow the Wind Shall Reap the Whirlwind”, blaming the hurricane on Haley Barbour and his ilk’s failure to sign on the the Kyoto Protocol. (a member of the Kennedy clan pointing the finger when it comes to blame for drownings? Oh man…somebody put out an Amber Alert so we can find their lost compunction)

To the list of vermin that have been set loose as a result of Katrina blowing open their weasel cages, we can now add former Clinton suckup Sydney Blumenthal, who wrote a Salon column entitled “No one can say they didn’t see it coming” — this was, coincidentally, the same title Blumenthal used in a column about his former boss’s intern problems.

The finger-pointing is only beginning. About the only thing that won’t be alleged is the truth — there was a huge hurricane in a low-lying area.

Look at the pre and post hurricane photos. The power they credit Bush of possessing is amazing.

Here’s what I predict will be the next salvo from the verbal freakshow of the left: New Orleans and surrounding areas wouldn’t be below sea level if it weren’t for Halliburton and their evil Bushbot friends pumping oil from the Gulf, which, of course, deflated the ground, lowering the level New Orleans.


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Author: Doug Powers

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