USA Today editorial: Racist, assumptive, and everything else they accuse others of being

The editorial in the USA Today newspaper has been pre-written for every disaster since the beginning of the mainstream media. There’s a template they use, altering only where it says “insert name of disaster here.” Yes, it’s the old “minorities and poor hardest hit” report. The USA Today takes it a step further, however.

Here’s the USA Today’s version: Hurricane exposes issues of class, race

A couple of the lowlights:

But lawlessness is the inevitable companion of mass poverty, and a threat to civil order should have been anticipated.

Really? Nah, lawlessness is the inevitable companion of a lack of morals. What about corporate CEO’s who have been busted for bilking their companies and investors? The media tries to demonize corporate CEO’s at every turn because of the few crooks among them– is that lawlessness an “inevitable companion of wealth and greed”? No, lawlessness is a moral issue, not a financial one.

Besides, let’s examine the aforementioned sentence briefly. I’m assuming, based on the opening paragraphs of the editorial as it concerns cameras catching pictures of the crowd of lawbreakers who were all black, that by “mass poverty”, it’s safe to assume the USA Today is referring to black people.

What if the USA Today said what they really meant: “Lawlessness is the inevitable companion of black people.” Jesse Jackson would have been banging down their door by now.


Sadly, there is also no doubt that when New Orleans eventually returns to some form of normalcy, its poor will once again become invisible. At least until the next disaster strikes.

Sure, but that’s only because the only time the mainstream media thinks they’re worthy of coverage is when they’re stealing TV’s, drowning, dying, or shooting each other.

Two poor people from New Orleans defy the USA Today editorial board by not participating in lawlessness, even though it’s their “inevitable companion.”
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Author: Doug Powers

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