Saddam's daughter plans defense strategy — "Tell 'em about the time we watched torture videos together, daddy"

Saddam Hussein’s daughter, named Raghad Saddam Hussein, plans a media campaign for her father and will hire a new team of international lawyers. Great– weasels from all corners of the globe will now be represented.

Allow me to play Nostradamus for a moment and say, “Alan Dershowitz, your telephone is about to ring.”

A “media campaign” for Saddam Hussein? Oh, I can’t wait to see the fabrications in these commercials. This should rank right up there with the falsehoods in– well– the campaign ads of most U.S. politicians.

Hussein’s daughter’s defense strategy will end up being a simple one. She hopes to get the case dismissed, or at least moved to a different jurisdiction, after proving that it’s impossible for Saddam to obtain “jury of his peers”, since Pol Pot, Hitler, Ilsa Koch, Caligula, Stalin, Torqemeda, and Ivan the Terrible are all dead.


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Author: Doug Powers

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