Government response to Katrina proves it’s slow and dumb — Still want to nationalize health care and everything else?

In today’s column on WorldNetDaily, “Exploiting tragedy for fun & profit“, I discuss weasels that seem to run rampant whenever disaster strikes. The people who stretch the truth like the waistband on the skivvies of a wedgie victim, all in the name of gaining political power, money, or whatever else.

While writing the column, I ran across story after story about people angered at the slow government response. Not only was it slow, they felt, but the aid wasn’t even properly targeted.

This should be an abject lesson for people who think it’d be hunky-dory if there were nationalized healthcare. The government is huge and bureaucratic. Nothing that fits that description is capable of moving quickly. Expecting the government to move quickly and wisely is like expecting a ship in dry dock to corner like it’s on rails or a brick building to win the Daytona 500– ain’t gonna happen.

As skeptical as I can get about government as a whole, this isn’t a slam on them or even any individual within government– it’s just the way it is, and it’s the way it always will be. This has always been why nationalizing any industry is a stupid idea– and now, unfortunately, we’ve seen it played out in real time on real people.

Look how the government responded to hurricane Katrina’s devastation and compare that with all the private organizations who were there far earlier with far more.

After this, the only people who I’d expect to still be for national health care would be Hillary Clinton or anybody else who stands to gain some power from it. The federal government is also handling, or more like groping, your money when it comes to subsidizing your retirement. Social Security is the financial version of the Katrina response.

Most people who are for nationalized health care or anything else are usually of that opinion because “the government pays for it.” The slowness of the Katrina response should comfort those people, because if that same body is looking out for all their health needs, the government will also “pay for” their funeral.

“The government pays for it…”? Whoopdie-doo. When, and how, do they pay for it? Slowly, and with your own money. Some deal that is.

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Author: Doug Powers

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