Bush vs. Gore redux: …and I repeat, “get over it!”

A good and loyal reader who often posts fine, thought provoking comments didn’t think it was appropriate of me to suggest that Democrats simply “get over it” concerning the 2000 election. Commenting on a thread from a post a day or two ago, “Schwarzenegger gay marriage veto will give the courts another opportunity to subvert the will of the people“, this was written:

I get where your coming from on the 2000 thing but I don’t know that “GET OVER IT.” is a good response. I personally voted for Bush, but to say “GET OVER IT” concerning whether or not there was an utter failure of democracy is callous to say the least. Maybe you can stop liberal bashing in your monochrome world for 5 seconds to think about that or you can click “Publish”

Oh, I wouldn’t say that if there was a “failure” of any sort. Actually, now that I think about it, there was a “failure of Democracy”. Why? Because we don’t have one of those in America.

If we did, Gore would be president right now because he got the simple majority. In a Constitutional Republic, like we have, it’s different. Bush won, the Gore people tried to rewrite the rules after the fact, and they failed.

It’s just that arguing bogus points, pure falsehoods, and incorrect assumptions gets old, especially after five years. All I can muster anymore is “get over it.” It’s not a flippant response– it’s an exhausted one.


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Author: Doug Powers

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