Clift notes: Typical Democrat double-speak perpetuates failed policies

Eleanor Clift’s column for Newsweek, “Hurricane Politics“, points out why Democrats will never, ever be able to dig out of a hole, and why problems never get solved. Writes Clift:

If there’s an upside to Katrina, it is that the Republican agenda of tax cuts, Social Security privatization and slashing government programs is over.

The message being sent by the left– Hillary, Schumer, writers like Eleanor Clift, along with many others, is dizzying in its double-speak.

So, Democrats say, the federal government has proved itself to be colossal failure. What’s Clift’s answer to what she admits to are failed government programs? Yes indeed… bigger, more heavily funded government programs!

All you get with a well funded failure is a bigger, more expensive failure, Eleanor.

Dr. Clift is treating a patient with chronic diarrhea by prescribing Ex-Lax and Fiber-One. Hardly surprising, though.

Sure, don’t privatize Social Security. Nationalize health care. Heavy up on the funding for government programs, most of them macrocosms of the “debit card” debacle in Houston.

Then, when it doesn’t work, blame some Republican for not providing enough money, when in fact the blame lies with the Clift mindset– Providing money isn’t as big an issue as providing more logic and brains, and less of the self-serving power grab.


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Author: Doug Powers

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