Update: FEMA scraps debit card plan– will now just start shooting money out of a cannon into the air

When FEMA started handing out $2,000 debit cards in Texas shelters housing displace hurricane evacuees, the city of New Orleans became sort of like Woodstock– a lot more people claimed to have been there than actually were.

FEMA has announced that the debit card idea was, well, not so good. Thanks to Ken, the father of a man on the “front lines” in Texas, for first tipping us off to the debacle mentioned in the post below. The problem obviously bigger than some of us thought.

The debit cards won’t be handed out anymore. Instead, FEMA will use bank deposits until the next giant scam surfaces.

At last, the media is beginning to report the real reason for the Astrodome lockdown:

Around Houston, poor people who heard that the government was giving out money tried to get into the Astrodome complex for cards, prompting officials to lock the gates. By Thursday evening, electronic freeway signs in Houston were flashing, “There are no debit cards at the Astrodome.”

Is it getting annoying that “the poor” are getting the blame for everything? I’ll bet you my FEMA debit card that a lot of those people trying to scam FEMA and the rest of us aren’t really very poor– just crooks.

As an example, most people who get caught stealing at a grocery store aren’t poor. The media would always assume they were. “They were probably hungry…” Uh huh… well, most people caught stealing at a grocery store aren’t even stealing groceries.

The same thing happened with these debit cards. This is why I’m always so pro-private sector and much of the government’s “solution” to any problem– the government just doesn’t catch on quickly. You’ve got to be smarter than those you’re dealing with, or you’ll get taken. Problem is, when the government gets taken, we all do.


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