Democrats: Problem = government… Solution = government — What could possibly go wrong

It’s Monday, which means it’s column day. Today’s diatribe sprung up as a result of two things.

The first was an interview with Hillary Clinton, huge fan of the nobility and effectiveness of the federal machine, where she claimed that the government failed miserably in the wake of hurricane Katrina.

The second was a Newsweek column by Eleanor Clift, where Clift somehow managed to be able to choke out a Jupiter-sized contradiction: Government failure spells the end of those who are pro-privatization, and the dereliction of the government in their duty means that there should be more government. No kidding… that’s what she said, in a roundabout way.

Here’s the opening of my column: “If your son is close to flunking out of college, send him more beer money. If that makes sense, stop reading right now and go write a check to Hillary’s presidential campaign.”

Read the rest of “Katrina pushes Dems to edge of Clift” here.


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Author: Doug Powers

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