International aid to victims of hurricane Katrina approaching $1 billion

Plenty of aid has been offered by other nations, some of it very generous, but there’s a bit of a bottleneck in getting the relief aid where it’s needed.

Some nations on the list that stick out include Bangladesh’s offer of $1 million. I’d almost feel guilty accepting that money, probably opting to hand it back to them and beg them to buy some ferry boats that hold more people so they’re not always overloaded and capsizing.

Then there’s France. In comparison to Bangladesh’s $1 million donation, France sent tents, tarps, and a couple of Brita water purifiers. You would think they could cough up a little more. Wine? Cheese? Anything.

Apparently the French don’t even feel the responsibility to pay for the cleanup of the quarter of New Orleans that bears their name. Oh well. I guess we shouldn’t expect much from a country that won’t even give Lance Armstrong his pee back.

Greece sent two cruise ships just in case there’s a hurricane victim who longs to stay surrounded by water as long as possible.

Kuwait pledged $400 million in oil and $100 million in cash, with more to come as soon as they check under the rest of the couch cushions.

All in all, nearly a billion dollars. Lots of nations are sending search and rescue teams as well, who will stay on site until the next Russian sub sinks.

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Author: Doug Powers

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