Los Angeles loses power: Shame on you, Mr. Bush!

Much of the Los Angeles area was without power yesterday afternoon, delaying the production of several unwatchable television programs of the future.

Officially, it’s being reported that the blackout was caused by power company employees Larry, Darryl and Darryl hooking up the wrong lines, but we all know where the real fault lies: at the feet of President Bush.

If FEMA wasn’t already stretched too thin because of it’s deployment in the south, there would have been more available to hook up generators at the mansions of limousine liberals in California. Shame on you, Mr. Bush!

I got an email this morning from a reader asking me how it was possible to have a “blackout” in the daytime, but that only goes to prove that this power outage has racial motives and overtones.

And what sort of sick sense of ironic humor does it take to name an area “Watts”, and then not provide them with any? Shame on you, Mr. Bush! He really doesn’t care about black people, does he?

And is it simply a coincidence that there was a disaster in Louisiana, and a huge outage in Los Angeles, and both places are abbreviated “LA”? Clearly a conspiracy of some sort. Shame on you, Mr. Bush!

Thankfully, so far, there have been no reports of looting in the Los Angeles area. If there is looting, Malibu is in trouble, because the only gun there is currently in use in New Orleans.

Bring it back, Sean! You may be needed by your anti-gun neighbors in Malibu


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Author: Doug Powers

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