"I pledge allegiance to the nag" — Newdow and the religion of Atheism score a win

The terminally pesky are like water on a driveway – continuing to ebb and flow until finding a crack to seep into where it begins to further erode the integrity of the concrete. The water is beginning to find the cracks.

In a case brought forth by atheist Michael Newdow, a federal judge has ruled that the Pledge of Allegiance is unconstitutional… again.

Conservatives often point to the likes of Michael Newdow as the cause of what they believe to be legal miscarriages of justice, but minor annoyances have always been around. The problem is that the courts appear to have completely lost their sense of humor, and therefore the ability to laugh some of these cases right out of court. In this instance, the joke is California’s Ninth Circuit Court, which district federal Judge Karlton has now cited as his “precedent” ruling from 2002 in Newdow’s then victory to have “under God” removed from the Pledge.

The Ninth Circuit has a long, not-so-distinguished history of siding with the termites and not the wood.

Newdow was fresh off another court visit in late 2004, where he sought to have the word “God” removed from the Bush inaugural which Newdow was attending. Apparently initiating lengthy and expensive court proceedings was more desirable to Newdow than simply plugging his ears for three seconds.

Appearing on FOX News’ “Hannity & Colmes” at the time, Newdow said that Bush intended to “use the machinery of the state to advocate his religious beliefs.” Newdow takes up so much taxpayer funded court time that he has put enough energy into the relationship to be considered the Ninth Circuit’s common-law spouse, and he’s accusing somebody of abusing “the machinery of the state”?

Now, absent any outlet for any other bad idea, the Ninth and other courts are being revisited by Newdow and his fellow anti-Pledge travelers, and the courts are once again providing them with some sort of satisfaction.

Michael Newdow is Joan Crawford and the world is a wire hanger. He’ll never be happy. All we can do is pray that soon he realizes that his crusade has become a regular visit to the Church of the Non-Believer. A place where words of discouragement are the daily sermon, and everyone tithes 20 percent of their time to denying God a place in national discourse. In other words, Newdow’s quest has become everything he stands against – a religion practiced in public.

Newdow’s Atheism is the only religion the Ninth Circuit and district judges seem interested in tolerating. We’re all in trouble here.


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Author: Doug Powers

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