New column — Katrina: The Heroes, and the goats

Today there’s a special bonus hump-day edition of the usual Monday morning column. It’s called “Hurricane Katrina: The Heroes and the Goats”, available online at MensNewsDaily. The column is a short list of those who have impressed, and those who have made asses of themselves, in the wake of hurricane Katrina.

Two quick samples:


John Travolta and Kelly Preston: Hollywood often takes a lot of heat for their incessant preachy leftism, and we’ll get to that soon enough, but it’s only fair to point out the good to come from Tinseltown. Travolta and Preston, the actor/actress husband and wife team, flew in tons of supplies in their personal 747. Hopefully staunch environmentalists will cut Travolta and Preston some slack for using a vehicle that burns approximately a gallon of fuel every second, contributing to the global warming that caused the hurricane in the first place.


Celine Dion: Appearing on Larry King Live, Dion proved that, though her heart will go on, her brain won’t. Concerning looters, Dion said: “Oh, they’re stealing 20 pair of jeans or they’re stealing television sets. Who cares? They’re not going to go too far with it. Maybe those people are so poor, some of the people who do that they’re so poor they’ve never touched anything in their lives. Let them touch those things for once.”

They’ve never touched a vacuous French-Canadian singer either, I’ll bet. I pray to the Gods of idiocy that looters are someday in Dion’s mansion so we can say the same thing to her… we’ll see how understanding she is then. I’m sure she’d point that out after the cops left and the charges were filed.

Read the rest here. We now return you to your regularly scheduled Wednesday.


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