Monica Lewinsky blows town

The woman who helped make the 90’s fun for late-night comedians and, on at least one occasion, a former president, is leaving New York and moving to London.

From “Page Six” in the New York Post:

Monica Lewinsky bid New York a hearty cheerio Tuesday night at her farewell dinner at Thor in the Rivington Hotel. Lewinsky, who is leaving our shores for good on Saturday to attend the London School of Economics, told attendees, “I don’t even have a place to live yet! But I am excited. Maybe I will meet my husband there — get married and have some kids!” Lewinsky was plied with drinks and gifts, including a can of Heinz’s “Spotted Dick” pudding from photographers Melanie Dunea and Nigel Parry. In a follow-up e-mail the next day Lewinsky noted: “I just realized in leaving the West Village for London there is not much difference — hail to the Queen!”

“Spotted Dick pudding”? Nah, too easy.

Monica’s always just wanted to be left alone, so I’m glad to see her getting away. You can’t blame her for cracking under the constant media spotlight and craving a little privacy.

How many times does she have to get caught servicing a married president, do guest shots on Saturday Night Live, be a spokeswoman for Jenny Craig, do a two hour interview with Barbara Walters, participate in writing a tell all book, talk to the media before leaving the country, and put out the call for a husband before people will understand that she just wants to be left alone?

Lewinsky will attend the London School of Economics to pursue her Masters Degree in Supply-Side meal patterning


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