Bill Clinton wants to raise taxes? How 'bout first just getting Cindy Sheehan to pay them?

As if Democrats, and many Republicans, ever need an actual excuse to raise taxes, but hurricane Katrina is about to make every day Christmas morning for money grabbing politicians. Enter Bill Clinton, who claims that we’d be “crazy” not to raise taxes to pay the enormous cost of rebuilding New Orleans and other areas.

Oh, I’m sorry, did I say “raise taxes”? No, no… it’s never raising taxes with Democrats. The proper term is “repealing tax cuts.”

You see, all your money is theirs. Anything less than full confiscation is considered a “tax cut”.

Don’t lose focus. Katrina… no Katrina… doesn’t matter. They want your money, and will stop at nothing to get it, even blaming you for starving kids overseas for nothing more than, as Bill says, “our self indulgence.” Speak for yourself, Bubba. Your self indulgence resulted in a stained blue dress, but for many of us, we’re just trying to heat the house and feed the kids.

Besides, start with Cindy Sheehan first, then we’ll talk. Cindy said she’s not going to pay taxes at all until Bush meets with her (again). How heartless to Katrina’s victims, eh Bill?

Par for the course though. A leftist won’t pay taxes, she’s a “crusading activist”… others simply want the tax rates kept down, and they’re greedy uncaring bastards.

Katrina blew over more than two weeks ago, but the real storm is just beginning to brew.

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Author: Doug Powers

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