The great big White House circle-jerk of ‘05

There’s a nice and sizable protest rally in Washington DC almost every year, but this time, the plan is for the protesters to completely circle the White House.

There will be anti-war, anti-Israel, pro-Palestine, communists, and many more by the end of the day on September 24th. Other groups to attend include the Buddhist Peace Fellowship, the DeKalb Interfaith Network for Peace and Justice, Grandmothers for Peace, Historians Against the War, Jewish Voice for Peace, the Kalamazoo Non-Violent Opponents of War, Texans for Peace, Korea Truth Commission and dozens more.

These events are like bug zapper lights for special interest groups and causes, attracting movements from every corner, and from under every rock in, the political yard. They’re drawn in, mesmerized by the pretty bright blue glow, and then ZZZZZZ. It’s over. Back to the bus and home to the folks’ basement in Paducah to discover that U.S. policies are just the same as they were a week ago.

This protest will make the mistake that is often made: too many interests to be able to make a good point on any one issue.

It’s like being at a large zoo– there are too many animals to look at to spend much time reading about only one. The diluted focus hurts their causes, not that they needed any help.

Police are expecting about 100,000 based on the number of buses chartered by various protest groups around the country. No word yet if any of these runs on veggie oil and tripe like Jane Fonda’s bus.

Say what you want about right wingers, but at least when they go protest something, it’s usually on a weekend, near a good golf course, and they fly there. Conservatives have yet to catch up to the left when it comes to getting attention for their causes.

Hey, if you’re a member of any of the groups who bill themselves as a communist organization, forget about getting on that bus. What better way for a commie to make an entrance than by flying in on your very own Mig-21? There’s one for sale on Ebay. No kidding. The opening bid is $225,000, so start passing the guitar case around, raise the money, and get there in fitting style!


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Author: Doug Powers

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