Monday's column – "Weepy Confessions: Bush's crying game"

Not long ago, somebody I know said “George Bush doesn’t really care about those hurricane victims… watch him talk, he doesn’t even cry or show much emotion or anything.”

I got to thinking about that, and today’s column over at WorldNetDaily was born.

Should a leader cry much in public? Today’s column, “Bush’s crying game” seeks an answer to that question and offers some historical examples. Give it a read and decide for yourself.

Monday’s side notes:

I think they’re running out of awards. On last night’s Emmy Awards show, last year’s Emmy Awards show won an award for “Best awards show from last year.” Hollywood awards shows are like little kids’ carnivals: Everybody goes home with something.

Al Gore says Katrina shows the effect of climate change. Al’s seen “The Day After Tomorrow” way, way too many times. Look at the top 10 deadliest natural disasters in U.S. history— only one, hurricane Katrina, happened during a time where “global warming” has been an alleged problem. How do you ‘splain the others, Al? At the time, there were some who blamed voodoo, which is just as credible as Gore’s science.

Today is national “talk like a pirate” day. Oh man, this could get annoying. I’ll probably get more into the spirit of the day later, with the help of Captain Morgan.


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