Bill Clinton is one cool Kathmandu — a hot Indian actress and a Chinese condom all in the same month

The headline in a Scottish paper caught my eye: “Bill Clinton charms Indian actress“.

The actress, named Diana Hayden, met Clinton at the White House in 1997 when she was the reigning Miss World (changed to “Ms. World” while in the presence of Hillary and her crew-cut girlfriends), and recently bumped into him at a reception in the northern Indian city of Lucknow. Since then, the town has been renamed Getluckynow.

According the story, Hayden approached Clinton and asked if he remembered her. Clinton reportedly said, “How can a man forget meeting a beautiful woman like you?” Fortunately for Clinton, he stopped himself just before finishing the sentence, “Miss Zeta-Jones…”

Since Hayden’s already a trained actress, and Bill has an interest in the film industry, maybe Bubba will ask her if she wants to make a movie with him. Chicka-chicka bowww chicka-chicka bowww…

Concerning this story, it’s tough to beat the line written by a person who posted the article over at On their forum, the story is tagged, “Love is never having to stain your sari.” Well done.

So, what’s on your mind, Bill?

Sexually perverse Clinton news update: Britain’s Sky News reports that Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky are being honored by having a brand of condom named for them in China. The condoms will be given the Chinese spellings of their names – “Kelitun” and “Laiwensiji”. This will replace the old Lewinsky version of “protection”, which was a Scotchgarded dress and/or belting out a panicked “Hillary’s home!”

Every president had a unique legacy. In Clinton’s case, he can now honestly say he helped keep the communist population in check.

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