NASA back to the moon: "Apollo on steroids" may end up getting drug tested

Well, the United States is going back to the moon– 49 years after the first time. The plan is to land four people on the lunar surface in 2018.

The NASA chief said the missions would be very Apollo like, but with updated technology. “Apollo on steroids” as it’s described. Don’t let the U.S. Senate read that, unless you want random whiz testing on rockets.

The goal would be to establish a base on the moon, and the initial cost, they say, is $104 billion. Now we’ll just sit back for the next 13 years and listen to the “how that money could be better spent” discussion. Let the games begin!

I happen to be pro-space exploration, as evidenced by a column I wrote for the Honolulu Advertiser a while back. I also have written about the idea of privatizing the space program, since the government is, well, the government. Either way, getting back “out there” is an exciting prospect, and I think we’re way behind where we should be… but maybe that’s because NASA is a quasi-government operation. Who knows.

We can debate this if we want to, but it’s really a moot point, because The Weekly World News is reports, and I quote, “Planet dissolving dust cloud headed toward Earth!” We’re doomed! Prepare yourselves to hear Louis Farrakhan insist that the Jews were warned about this days in advance.

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Author: Doug Powers

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