Hinckley’s ready to take a shot at hitting the street?

Would-be presidental assassin and uber-geek John Hinckley is now normal and should be granted long furloughs, so say his therapists over at Shaky Acres.

It’s amazing all the guesswork and theorizing that goes in to psychiatry, when there’s one way to find out of Hinckley’s therapists really thing he’s normal. It’s something I’m surprised hasn’t been proposed yet, that I know of.

This should be standard practice for anyone granted early parole or release from a mental institution: The person released must spend the first couple of weeks living in the home of any shrink or judge that granted or recommended their release. If they’re safe enough to mingle with the rest of us schmucks, they’re safe enough to be around them for a while. Right?

We’d quickly find out that, no, some of these people shouldn’t be on the street.

I wonder what Jodie Foster’s take is on this. Ever read Hinckley’s letter to Foster shortly before he went full-blown unhinged? Whoa. If there’s a literary version of the Woody Woodpecker laugh, it’s this letter.

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Author: Doug Powers

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