“The divine Miss M”oron

You have to hand it to liberals, they really know how to pull everybody together in a time of crisis. Maybe the loudest critics through all this, the most desperate sounding demagogues, are those on the left because their risk of drowning is greater due to the fact that they never, ever take the high road.

At a Madison Square Garden concert to raise money for hurricane disaster relief, everybody got caught in the “I” of Hurricane Hollywood once again as the perpetually doofy “Divine Miss M”, Bette Midler, took to the spotlight to prove that the only thing with integrity on the stage was the scaffolding itself.

It started off mildly enough. Not much political ballyhoo. After a while, Tom Waits, who sometimes looks like that thing that William Shatner saw on the wing of the plane in the famous “Twilight Zone” episode, said “I wish New Orleans were dry and Washington, DC was under water.”

Okay, fair enough. I’ve had those days before, too.

Then, Midler, apparently vying for the role of Courtney Love’s less classy mother in “Idiot: The Movie” said:

“I got a letter from the Republican Party the other day. I wrote back, ‘Go fuck yourself.’ … George Bush is a fan of mine — he came to see me in the Seventies. His coke dealer brought him.”

If you’ve heard the tape of Midler speaking, it sort of sounded as if she brought her coke dealer along as well. Bette was coming across as that one sad loudmouth at the bar who thinks that everybody in the world has the right to know exactly how moronic she is.

About the only thing Midler said that was anywhere near the truth was, “We’re surrounded by disaster.” We couldn’t agree more, Bette.


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Author: Doug Powers

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