Georgia, Kentucky schools close to conserve gas — bowling and bingo night still on

Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue asked the state to take two early snow days and cancel classes on Monday and Tuesday to conserve fuel. In Jackson, Kentucky, schools will get every Friday off in order to conserve fuel.

All I can say is that, as politicians and Whitney Houston songs say, “children are our future”. This country needs people like these kids to become inventors, entrepreneurs, and genius of all sorts, so they can come up with a more efficient, cleaner, economical fuel source, independent from foreign sources. Reducing their education is hardly going to help solve the problem.

What a typical government reaction. You know there’s something seriously wrong with the current system when the active response to an energy crisis is to stop educating our children.

Of course, these are the same people who take money from cigarette taxes, invest it in tobacco stocks, and use the dividends to buy ads to tell us not to smoke. Whuh…?

In this instance, it looks like the home schoolers had it right all along. No bus required. Wake up, and you’re at school.

Conservatives should turn home schooling into an environmental issue. How about some money earmarked for public schools instead going to help pay for some of the supplies and other essentials of the home schooling family? After all, they’re helping to “save the planet”, right? It’s an idea even Al Gore should stand behind. He won’t, but he should.

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Author: Doug Powers

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